Bubble Butt Mothers Devon


Nice Balls, David

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The Internet is Leaking Again (No, That Isn’t Photoshopped)


The shruggie made its debut on the senate floor during a presentation by Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-Connecticut) concerning the IRS. When you think about it, it’s quite the appropriate emoticon when talking about anything that has to do with taxes and the logic behind them.

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Kendo Enthusiasts Show Us What a Real Lightsaber Fight Might Look Like

As if nerds wouldn’t already rush to sign up for kendo, let’s add some lightsabers to it!


Hoppy Sheep


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Friendly Rays

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Experimenting With Powdered Alcohol

Since its first mention people have been worried about “Palcohol” and what teens will do when they get their hands on it. Brent Rose from Wired experiments with homemade powdered alcohol to prove that those concerns are unfounded and in fact powdered alcohol in most cases is probably more trouble than it’s worth. 

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SHIPPING you’re doing it right

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Let’s Go Buck-Wild


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Here’s Stephen Colbert’s Newest Great Graduation Speech

Stephen Colbert delivers a commencement speech to the students of Wake Forest University in North Carolina and it’s as funny as you might expect a graduation speech by Stephen Colbert to be.   

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A Colorado Man Used a Stuffed Owl Named “Solomon” as His Defense Attorney. It Was Not a Hoot.

I’m no legal expert, but something tells me this isn’t exactly a great move for your case. From Arbroath:

Charles Abbott arrived at court in Aspen, Colorado, on Tuesday with a stuffed owl and placed it on the defence table in front of him. “He’s a very sensitive guy, has law degrees from Yale, Harvard and Stanford,” Abbott told Pitkin County Court Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely. “I think he’ll be able to represent me before a public defender comes online.” But the fluffy horned owl that Abbott called “Solomon,” had no influence on the hearing’s outcome. Fernandez-Ely casually ignored its presence when Abbott introduced it, and she moved along with the court’s business. Abbott’s court appearance was to address a protection order that took effect after he was accused of assaulting his former roommate, Michael Stranahan, at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on May 9. Authorities again arrested Abbott, 67, on Saturday on suspicion of violating the court order by going to Stranahan’s home to collect some belongings.

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Unfortunately, This Incredible Soccer Headbutt Goal Didn’t Count, Because There’s No Justice in Hockey

That’s Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw against the Anaheim Ducks. And fair, maybe it’s just that and there are rules that specifically disallow things like headbutted pucks to count towards goals. But still, full points for the hustle and for trying!

Here’s the goal in delicious Vine form:

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Daily Picdump (91 pics)

Don’t forget to view the Morning Picdump.

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Daily Picdump

A Mom May Have Just Placed the First Gay Dating Ad in India for her Son

parenting dating lgbtq A Mom may have Just Placed the First Gay Dating Ad in India for her Son

A mother in India recently placed a matrimonial ad in the paper for her adult, gay son. It might seem like it would only be a little embarrassing for 36 year old activist Harish Iyer to have his mom get involved in his love life but it’s actually groundbreaking. It is thought to be the first same-sex dating ad placed in an Indian newspaper. In fact many papers refused to publish it.

Iyer told the Times of India that they’ve gotten a few responses so far but he plans on taking his time to decide on the right man. 

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A WW2 Vet’s Secret Loot (27 pics)

This WW2 soldier never told many stories about his time in the war or showed anyone what he brought home. When he died, he left this memorabilia to an old friend.


A WW2 Vet’s Secret Loot

Fail of the Day: Guy in Truck Taunts Gator, Truck Becomes Gator Food

It’s unclear how he expected this standoff to end, but this man definitely got what he deserved.

Watch as guy backs his truck up towards an alligator that is just minding its own business and ends up starting a fight that he isn’t going to win.

The beast begins snapping its massive jaws at the truck to make it crystal clear that he does not want to be bothered, but the man doesn’t listen.

“Hey watch my truck!” he says in the clip.

A few seconds later, it tears his bumper clean off the back of the vehicle to put an end to the nonsense.

Gator:1, Man: 0.

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Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs of Food Preparation in Action (51 gifs)

Photographer, Daria Khoroshavina works with stylist Olga Kolesnikov to create these fun GIFs showing the making of food. You won’t be able to look away!


Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs of Food Preparation in Action

Meet Hatebeak, the Death Metal Band Fronted by a 21-Year-Old Parrot

What a beautiful, lovely time to be alive.

The cacophonous, heavy thrash you hear above is Hatebeak, and yes all of those vocal samples come from a African Gray Parrot named Waldo. Waldo’s retainers have a pretty extensive metal pedigree, being members and collaborators in thrash band Pig Destroyer. Just how metal are they?

This gosh-dang metal.

Metal fans will recognize all the cheeky references to other bands (Morbid Angel, Judas Priest) within Hatebeak’s song and album titles - as if the blatant Iron Maiden reference in the title above weren’t a hint already.

In other news, I’m starting a band with a wild boar called Deathtusk and our album “Ham or Fall” will come out next winter. Get ready!

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Trust Fall


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OH MY GOD is that in front of jabba’s palace?

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Before Mom hunts, Pup is dropped off at Daycare


GIFV Version in the Link

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Something Tells Me This Bearded Robber Wearing a Woman’s Dress Didn’t Think of His Disguise Very Much

This guy is still at large in Detroit, so if you happen to see that suspicious bearded not-lady, call the authorities!

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Rescue Dogs Are Given a New Lease on Life (13 pics)

These radical before and after pics show that a little love goes a long way.


Rescue Dogs Are Given a New Lease on Life

Gator Takes on Pickup Truck (VIDEO)

He wanted some footage of the beast no matter what…

Gator Takes on Pickup Truck

Back Flip FAIL

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No More Nanas


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